Monday, 28 March 2011

Labour Ward (LDR)

Finally ! I had done the attachment at Labour Ward for the whole one week . Praise to Allah , I gained new experiences and knowledge there . So , for the whole week , I could see 3 cases of SVD (spontaneous vaginal delivery) , 1 case of SVD+vacuum , and 1 case of IUD (intrauterine death) . I feel very sorry to the IUD case , because that was the first time the mother got pregnant .

For the IUD case , I saw that the placenta (which supply the nutrition to the fetus) already came out but the fetus still remained inside of the uterus . After the doctor pull out the fetus , she said that the fetus had some complication thats why , IUD happened because the fetus cannot survive anymore . Usually for this type of cases , D&C(dilatation & curettage) will be performed but the uterus wall is intact so no need for D&C procedure .

In Labour Ward , I need to achieve a few contact hours such as monitoring uterine contraction and FHR(fetal heart rate) , observe mother in labour , prepare and assist VE(vaginal examination) , vulva swabbing , examination of newborn . Alhamdulillah , I had completed 10 cases for those procedure so far .

For the second week , I'll move on to Maternity Ward , this ward is specialized for antenatal , postnatal and also gynae .

(saja try type dalam english sebab nnt kena buat reflective diary . Sorry kalo ayat agak tunggang langgang . HEHEHE . Practice make perfect ! )

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