Tuesday, 5 April 2011

KIV premature case of delivery

Today , got 1 patient came for check up . She is gravida 1 para 0 (means , she's in her first pregnancy) . Then she's complaining of having bloody show (which is one of the signs of labor) since yesterday . Till this morning , the show still existed . The Dr. asked her , why don't she come immediately yesterday . It is because , we need to check whether the blood is normal or not . So , when doing the USG scan (ultrasonograph) , Dr. was surprised to see that the membrane (covering the baby) is already bulging about 4cm outside of the cervix . It is so dangerous , because the membrane can ruptured anytime and the baby will come out by herself .

What we're worry about is , the fetus was not yet in term (fully develop) . Now the period of gestation is 27weeks (from LMP till today's date) . If , she wants to deliver , the baby will be isolated in the ICU for 3months .

So , immediately we bring her to the labor room . Around 4 pm , Dr. scanned her again and saw that the baby's leg situated inside of the membrane that bulging outside of the cervix . Once , the membrane ruptured , she needs to have LSCS (low segment caeserean section) instead of normal delivery . Because the baby's head is on top or called as breech position . It is not necessary for normal delivery , and will cause fetal distressed .

If this is happened , she will delivered a premature baby . The baby will stay in ICU for 3months because she needs to survive with assisted by other equipment .

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