Saturday, 11 June 2011

exams fever coming !

Begin by this week no more rest time for me , no more honey moon , no more laughing here and there . Why ? Because it is the exams week and now is in progress . So I need to study hard and smart by almost 12 hour with the notes and full of words inside my brain . The complication is my brain will become distended with the contents from the notes ! How to manage it ? Just answer the question and it will be subsides . huhu . Easy ? Of course ! Actually its easy to talk but hard to face it . A lot of things will disturbing my mind especially FACEBOOK ! omg , I only can stand for 18 hours if I was not online . What ever it is , pray for me and I also pray to myself . Hope I can sit and answer the paper very well . INSYAALLAH ! To group 40 teams , good luck for Special Semester 3 examination .

love my family a lot !

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