Wednesday, 15 June 2011

why does people respect the nurses ?

This morning was Mr. L class . He taught us the new subtopic of Communicable disease on AIDS . This disease is most common and some of the community afraid when talked about this type of patient . Actually , as a human being we must know clearly the sign and symptoms of AIDS and how it can be spread . But ! because lack of understanding or meaning to say , didn't know the truth most of the people very frightened to contact with AIDS patient even though they are their own relatives .

Mr. L told us that as a nurse we need to provide health care whatsoever the disease they have . Why ? because there is no body else will take a look and treat them even their own family also don't want . Except us , the nurses . Just observe how many times in a day does the relatives will come and say 'HELLO' to them (patient) ? Especially the old one who unable to perform his basic needs by himself . So , who will help them unless the nurse . The others might say "That's your job and you had been paid for that" . Yes , I'm agreed but the money we got cannot pay how much they suffer from pain and how much they needs the support from their own family . We as a nurse always with the patient , take good care of them even bathing them everyday , talking with them , provide adequate nutrition and listen to their feelings . Nurse is not just treat the disease but also learnt to know their feels .

I need to emphasize here , even though AIDS will be end with death , at least we can make use their life with happiness and they'll never feel loneliness .

At the last lectured , Mr. L said ,

" You cannot add their life time because their time is limited , but you can add some life in their time "

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